Kansas City’s only haunted forest. Face your worst fears by clawing your way through the deep dark woods infested by our deranged freaks.

This is a rugged, dark trail not for the faint of heart. If you are scared of getting dirty, sweaty or hiking through the dark OUTSIDE then you should pick a haunted house that is more tame in a building somewhere. 

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  • Open Starting Oct 6th 2017- Hours Below
  • $25- Tickets available with no fees at the door
  • Free Parking
  • Ages 12+
  • Requires Climbing, Crawling, Hiking 1 Mile
  • Closed Toe Shoes Required
  • Must Sign Waiver Acknowledgement to Enter
  • Under 16 parent/guardian signature required – kids 12-16 without parent present fill out this – WAIVER FORM
  • Red LED trail lights provided
  • No photography
  • No outside lights of any kind
  • No disorderly conduct